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South Coast Consulting, Land Use Planning and Development Project Management is adept at collaborative and community-based planning, managing the synthesis of public and private interests, and achieving mutually satisfying outcomes. South Coast guides projects of all scales. It provides ongoing advice to a number of public and private clients, negotiating complex approvals on their behalf. In-depth understanding of community dynamics, urban form, rural and environmental issues, and economic realities leading to practical solutions to many urban and rural development challenges is the South Coast hallmark. Extensive involvement in a variety of public and private projects, including transportation corridor studies, revitalization strategies, official plans, and other policy studies, through all stages of their process are among the work projects completed. South Coast is skilled at coordinating and motivating large, diverse groups and understands what makes, and what it takes to create, healthy and successful urban and rural environments.

South Coast has experience project managing and supervising the preparation and submission of applications and supporting documents for all types of development projects requiring the coordination of sub-consultants and government agencies. Most projects require presentations at public meetings with stakeholder groups, negotiations with municipal staff, municipal councils, and occasionally, tribunal hearings.

South Coast Consulting finds solutions ensuring development proceeds in a timely and acceptable manner.

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Municipal Planning, Development Services, Project Management and Review

Business Planning Justification Studies


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Approvals


Land Development Project Management Services



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